About the NWS

The National Mathematics Symposium started in 1993 as the 'Kaleidoscoopdag'. Each year organised by another study association, but the last few years nearly exclusively visited by students from the organising city. In 2015 the organising committee from that year decided to change the name in an attempt to attract more students from other cities.
After Utrecht, Leiden and Eindhoven, Nijmegen is the fourth city to host the symposium.

You can visit the websites of the previous symposia using one of the following links.

NWS 2016

NWS 2017

NWS 2018

About Perfect Patterns

Group theory is a common topic in the world of mathematics. Symmetry of objects and spaces can be perfectly described by determining the matching group, however someone might think that group theory is just a piece of mathematics. Perfect Patterns is aimed to give a broad spectrum of the practical use of symmetry and group theory in science. Lecturers with expertise in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics will tell how they use symmetry in their field of work. So you might say that Perfect Patterns will show you the diversity of symmetry.


Maarten Solleveld
Maarten Solleveld is an assistant professor at the Radboud University, specializing in Algebra, Representation theory and geometry. He is also a chess grandmaster, but retired as such. In his free time, he likes to play badminton, visit musea, cook, run, and enjoy stand-up comedy.

Gert Heckman
Gert Heckman studied and got his PhD in Leiden, in the 70s. After 2 years of being a postdoc at MIT and some years back in Leiden, he has been employed at Radboud University since 1989. In his research, symmetry plays an important role, and if possible, looked at from a geometric angle.

Sep Thijssen
Since getting his PhD, Sep Thijssen has focused primarily on education. In the past, he did this in middle school and in getting a secondary teaching degree. At the moment, he teaches mathematics to students of multiple beta studies at the Radboud University. Furthermore, Sep Thijssen is an instructor to middle school teachers who are trying to obtain a primary teaching degree for mathematics at the HAN.


The committee of the NWS 2019

The committee of the NWS 2019 consist of the following persons:
From left to right

Annemarijn Blom (Lecturer Officer)
Amber Pater (Chairman)
Quinten Rutgers (Treasurer)
Reinder Meinsma (Secretary)
Michiel Maij (PR Officer)
Els Hoekstra (External Affairs Officer)
Zoë van den Heuvel (Day Commissioner)