Localizing products using RFID by Nedap

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Title Localizing products using RFID
Lecturer Nedap
Type Workshop
Time and location 13:30 - 15:00 @ Gezellenzaal

About Localizing products using RFID

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) plays a crucial role in many logistical processes. Rather than scanning product barcodes one by one, RFID allows to wirelessly communicate unique product IDs without requiring a direct line of sight. Over the past years this technology has found its way more and more into retail stores. At Nedap Retail we develop RFID based products which help retailers to improve their stock accuracy and which counteract losses due to theft.

A next step in this process is not only to tell retailers what they exactly have in stock, but also give them information about its whereabouts. Suppose a retail store is fitted with several RFID readers distributed over the store area. Can we, based on the observation of multiple readers, accurately determine the location of the product?

This is exactly the question for which we need your help to find the answer. Using our RFID demonstration setup, can you come up with an algorithm which estimates the position of the product? In addition to this challenging assignment, the case provides a clear idea of how it is to combine theory and practice in a company like Nedap.